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Chapter 5: Scogin

Alexander and Millington Scogin

4. Nathan Johnathan Scogin (1722-1763) -- Mildred Jonas
5. Matthew Alexander Ellick John Jr. Francis David Nathan

Alexander Ellick Scoggin was born in 1750 in Orange, Virginia or North Carolina. By 1772, he had moved to Oglethorpe, Herd County, Georgia and he married Mary Gresham who was born in 1750 in North Carolina or Virginia to Wiley Gresham. Alexander and Mary had ten children: Millington (1772), Gresham (1840), Rhoda (1779), Gillam (1780), Sarah "Sally" (1783-1856), Thomas E. (1785), Davis (1790), Wiley (1792), Senea (1794), Alexander (1804). Alexander, Sr. died in 1811 in Oglethorpe. Mary died in 1821.

5. Alexander Ellick Scogin (1750-1811) -- Mary Gresham (1750-1821)
6. Millington Gresham Rhoda Gillam Sarah "Sally" Thomas E. Davis Wiley Senea Alexander

Millington Scoggin was born about 1772 (or 1774 in an unlikely 1797) in Orange, North Carolina. He married Sarah Hendon on January 18, 1800 or 1805 in Oglethorpe, Georgia. We'll come back to them in a moment.

Gresham Scogin was born October 8, 1778 in Oglethorpe. There is a Gresham Scogin ("Gorsham Scogin") living in Troup, GA in 1830 and in Heard, GA in 1840. He died after 1840 in Heard County. Rhoda Scogin was born about 1779. She married Samuel Cochran and died around 1860. Gillam (or Gillum) Scogin was born on December 18, 1780 in Virginia. Gillam died on March 18, 1862 in Carroll County, Georgia. Sarah "Sally" Scogin was born in 1782 or 1783 in Oglethorpe. She married Johnson Hendon on April 15, 1800 and died on March 11, 1856. Thomas E. Scogin was born on April 10, 1787 in Harris, County. He died in May 1867. Davis Scogin was born about 1790 (or 1802) in Troup County, Georgia. He married Elizabeth Rogers. Wiley Scogin was born between 1790 and 1794 (or 1800) in Troup County, Georgia. He married Mary Polly Elsberry on April 25, 1821 in Oglethorpe, GA. There is a Wiley Scoggin living in Cobb, GA and a John W. Scogin in Troup, GA both in 1840. Senea (or Sinia) Scogin was born about 1794 (or 1787) in Troup County, Georgia. She married Levi Galloway on October 10, 1811 in North Carolina.

Sarah Hendon Ancestry

3. Josias Hendon Hanna Robinson Godfrey Harsfield Katherine Walker
4. Isham Hendon Keziah Johnson Andrew Hartsfield Sarah Lynn
5. Robinson Hendon Elizabeth Hartsfield
6. Sarah Hendon

Josias Hendon was born in 1701. He married Hanna Robinson who was born in 1704. Around 1725 they had a son, Isham in Wake County, North Carolina. Isham Hendon married Keziah Johnson, who was born in 1727 and died in 1768. I don't know when Isham died but they had at least one son, Robinson (1750). Robinson Hendon was born on February 4, 1751 in Bladen, Wake County. He would marry Elizabeth Hartsfield.

Jurian Harsfield was born about 1674 somewhere in England (possibly Wales). He had a son, Godfrey, about 1694 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Godfrey Harsfield would marry Katherine Walker (born 1685, Gloucester, NJ to John Walker, born 1655, Gloucester, NJ) in 1710 in Waterford, Gloucester, New Jersey. They had at least one son, Andrew, and Godfrey died sometime after 1745 in Craven, North Carolina. Andrew Hartsfield was born on January 3, 1714 in Wales, England. He married Glashka McElroy (born in 1718, Wales to William McElroy, born in 1688, Wales) about 1735. He married Sarah Lynn, born about 1700 in Johnston, North Carolina, about 1736 in Baltimore, Maryland. Andrew and Sarah had Elizabeth on February 20, 1759 in Johnston, NC. Andrew died in 1761 and is buried in Wake, N.C.; Sarah died after 1761.

Robinson Hendon married Elizabeth "Betty" Hartsfield about 1776. They had Sarah Hendon about 1778 (or 1785) in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Her brother was the Johnson Hendon that married Millington's sister above. Robinson died October 3, 1832 in Oglethorpe and Betty, died September 27, 1843. Their daughter Sarah married into the Scoggin family around 1800.

Millington Scoggin and Sarah Hendon's Family

Millington and Sarah Scoggin settled in Troup, Georgia and had nine children, all born in Georgia: James J. (1805), Josiah H. (1806), Robinson Hendon (1808), Sanders J. (1810), Lucinda (1812), Elizabeth (1816), Mary (1818), Robinson (1820), Martha (1822). Sarah died in 1822, perhaps related to the birth of Martha. On February 26, 1822, Millington married Mary H. Carter (born around 1801 in Clarke, GA) in Clarke, Georgia. Millington and Mary gave birth to seven more children: Sarah C. (1823), Matilda I. (or J.) (1825), Millington M. (1827), William Carter (1829), Nancy C. (or N.) (1835), George W. (1837), Susan F. (1839).

On September 30, 1817 Millington Scogin bought from James Thomason 156 acres of land on the Oconee River in Clarke County, Georgia for the sum of $400. Witnessed by Thomas C. Benning, Thomas Moore, Phillip Gatlin, and John Smith, J.P. Recorded June 8, 1818 (Record of Deed Clarke County, Book L & M; Book L, pp. 39-40).

The 1830 census for Clarke County, Georgia shows Millington's family. Note: The bracketed notations are my guesses as to who the counts represent. I don't know where the other children are; James has married and is also living in Clarke County. Lucinda and Elizabeth could be married.

Milington Scogin household:
  1 male 50-60 [Millington, age 57-58]
  1 female 30-40 [2nd wife, Mary, age 29-30]
  1 male 15-20 [Sanders J., age 19-20]
  1 male under 5 [Millington M., age 2-3 or William Carter, age 1 or less]
  1 female under 5 [Matilda, age 4-5]
  1 female 24-36
  1 female 20-24
  1 male 10-24
  2 males under 10
  1 female under 10

On April 16, 1835 Millington Scogin sold to Robert Gardner 37 acres of land in Clarke County, Georgia for the sum of $300. Witnessed by Thomas Moore and Samuel Brightwell, J. P. Recorded September 15, 1835. (Record of Deed Clarke County, Book P, 351-end; pp. 398-399).

On January 18, 1837 Millington Scogin of the County of Troup, Georgia sold to Celia Merrith, Administratrix for the estate of Berriman E. Merrith, deceased, 113 acres on the Oconee River, Clarke County, Georgia for the sum of $500. Witnessed by Thomas Moore and Samuel Brightwell, J. P. Recorded May 20, 1864. (Record of Deed Clarke County, Book X, 351-end; p. 426).

The 1840 census for Troup County, Georgia (p. 352) shows Millington's family. Again, the brackets are my notations. It appears that all the children are accounted for in this census.

Millington Scogin household:
  1 male 60-70 [Millington, age 67-68]
  1 female 40-50 [2nd wife, mary, age 39-40]
  2 females 15-20 [Martha, age 17-18, Sarah, age 16-17]
  2 males 10-15 [Millington M., age 12-13, William Carter, age 10-11]
  1 female 10-15 [Mathilda, age 14-15]
  1 male 5-10 [George W., age 2-3]
  1 female under 5 [Nancy C., age 4-5 or Susan F., age 1 or less]

After having two wives who were almost constantly pregnant over 35 years, Millington, Sr. died shortly before April 18, 1841 in Troup, Georgia. His will was proved April 18, 1841 in Troup County, Georgia. Lucinda is not mentioned in his will.

On September 3, 1841, Josiah H. Scoggin and Mary H. Scogin, executors for the estate of Millington Scogin, deceased, of Troup County, Georgia, sold to John White, agent for the Georgia Factory one acre of land "lying and being near the Georgia Factory" for the sum of $50. Witnessed by Isaac M, Kinny and Robert H. Moore, J. P. Recorded September 10, 1841. (Record of Deed Clarke County, Book R, 1-326; pp. 167-168)

In the 1850 census, Mary H. (54) is still living in Troup with Matilda (25) and Nancy (20). Her son William C. Scogin (20) and Martha Scogin (17) are living next door to them. There are at least a dozen other Scogins living in Troup. By the 1860 census, I don't know where Mary is living or if she has died.

Offspring of Millington Scogin

6. Millington Scogin -- Sarah Hendon
7. James J. Josiah H. Robinson Hendon Sanders J. Lucinda Elizabeth Mary Robinson Martha

6. Millington Scogin -- Mary H. Carter
7. Sarah C. Matilda I. Millington M. William Carter Nancy C. George W. Susan F.

James J. Scoggin was born in 1805 in Clarke County (or Troup County), Georgia. On June 24, 1825, in Clarke County, Georgia, James married Cinthia Harris (also Cynthia), who was born about 1804 in Troup. They had at least one child, Harris H. (1829).

In the 1830 census, James is living in Clarke County, Georgia. He appears to have married and have two small children. The census shows 1 male 20-30 [James], 1 female 20-30 [wife Cynthia], 1 male and 1 female under 5 [Harris and a daughter or other relative], and no slaves. There is a James J. Scoggin living in Meriwether, GA in the 1840 census (page 136) though an image wasn't available online. His son, Harris, would be about 11 in 1940.

In the 1850 census for Meriwether, Georgia there is a James J. Scoggin (46) with wife Sintha (46), and children D.E. (18), Jas J. (17), Wm M. (14), J.F. (12), M.J. [Mary J.] (10), M.A. [Margaret A.] (8), R.F. [Rebecca F.] (5). It is not surprising that we don't see Harris here; he would be 25 recently married. The 1860 census for Carroll, Georgia shows Jas J. Scoggin (57), wife Cinthia (56), Thos? (21), Mary J. (20), Margaret A. (18), Rebecca F. (16).

Josiah H. Scoggin, the second child of Millington and Sarah, was born in 1806 (or 1809) in Decatur County, Georgia. He married Lisha Ann Swilly on August 10, 1842.

Robinson Hendon Scoggin was born in 1808 (or 1812) in Clarke County, Georgia. He married Catherine Smith (born 1814, GA) on December 18, 1834 in Clarke County, Georgia. Robinson Scoggins was in a list of men of 217 District for Militia Oaths, with John Dean, Captain (abt. 1830)

Sanders J. Scoggin was born in 1810 (or 1804) in Clarke County, Georgia. On May 15, 1821, he married Martha Pedergrass.

Lucinda Scoggin was born around 1812 (or 1801). She married William M. Harris and had eleven children.

Elizabeth Scoggin was born in 1816 (or 1806-1810) in Clarke County, Georgia. She married Blake J. Cooper on November 2, 1826 in Clarke County.

Mary Ann Scoggin was born in 1818 (or 1812-1815) in Clarke County, Georgia. She married John A. Strickland on October 14, 1830.

Martha H. Scoggin was born in 1822 (or 1817-1820) in Clarke County, Georgia. She married Asa Simmons on December 27, 1835.

Young Scoggin (or possibly Robinson Scoggin) was born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He married Sarah McElroy on November 29, 1827.

Millington M. Scoggin was born in 1827. He was in the Georgia 35th Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. He began his duty in Atlanta, Georgia on September 23, 1861 as a Private. In 1861 and 1862 his compnay was encamped near Evansport, Virginia, and near Yorktown, Virginia. His company engaged in battles of Malvern Hill, Manassas, Seven Pines, Mechanicsville and Spotsylvania. Millington was killed at Cedar Run, Virginia August 9, 1862.

William Carter Scoggin was born in 1829 (or 1832) in La Grange, Troup, Georgia. He married Martha Jackson (born 1834 in GA) and had four children. Then he married Mary Elendor St. John (born July 30, 1839, died October 27, 1929) and had eight children. Like his brother Millington, he was in the Georgia 35th Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. He began his duty on October 11, 1861. He was appointed 1st Corporal in December 1861. William was wounded at Manassas Junction, Virginia on August 27, 1862. He was appointed 3rd Sergeant in September 1862 and 1st Sergeant on September 30, 1864. He was also elected 1st Lieutenant. Finally, he surrendered at Appomattox, Virginia in April 9, 1865. William died on February 13, 1886 in Bradley, Arkansas.

I don't have any additional information for Sarah C., Matilda, Nancy, George W., or Susan F. Scoggin yet.

7. James J. Scogin -- Cinthia Harris
8. Harris H.

Harris H. Scoggin was born about 1829 in Georgia. On February 28, 1850 in Meriwether, Georgia, Harris married Margaret J. Nall (or Nalle or Nawls).

We'll look more in depth at Margaret J. Nall's history in the next section.