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Chapter 4: Skoglund-Ogren

Family of Arthur Gideon Skoglund

Arthur Gideon Skoglund married Hannah Elenora Ogren on August 9, 1916 in New London, Minnesota. They had two children, Winnifred Elinor (1917) and Maylan Manley (1919).

Maylan Manley and his mother Hannah Skoglund

Like his father Peter, Arthur was an engineer and loved nature. He single-handedly wired all of New London for electricity and served as the county electrician. Until 1922, he as the maintenance engineer at the Swedish Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota and then became the Chief Engineer at Bethesda Lutheran Medical Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. All the while, he was an avid amateur photographer. He started taking photos around 1900 at the age of 11. He took hundreds of photos of the outdoors, plants and animals. He won prizes in the St. Paul Pioneer Press weekly photo contest for over 30 years. One of his photos won a blue ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair and the Denver Post published a retrospective of his photographs. It should also be no suprise that he was a member of the National Wildlife Federation.

Two self portraits taken by Arthur Skoglund

His wife Hannah was a homemaker and part-time caterer. These are some of her recipes.

For 44 years the family lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, most of it in a house at 770 Case Avenue.

The 1920 census lists Arthur G. (30), Hannah E. (27), Winnifred E. (2), and Manley M. (2/12) living with, and renting from, the widowed Mary Halldin (51). Mary Halldin was born in Sweden and spoke Swedish and English. Arthur was a mechanic in a garage and Hannah wasn't working.

Arthur died on September 17, 1965 in Bethesda Lutheran Hospital, the same hospital he worked at for years. He died of bacterial endocarditis (bacterial deterioration of his heart valves) which was caused by pyelohephristis (bacteria in the kidneys). Hannah died on January 14, 1975 in the Bethesda Infirmary in St. Paul from a cerebral thrombosis (a blood clot) related to hardening of the arteries. Arthur and Hannah are buried at the Lebanon Cemetery, New London, Minnesota.

Winnifred Elinor Skoglund is still living so I'll only include that she was born in 1917 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She married Percy Andrew Rogers and had two children who are also still living.

Maylan Manley Skoglund was born on October 16, 1919 in New London, Minnesota. He married Jeanne Scogin in 1943. Their story will continue after we first look at Jeanne Scogin's ancestry.

Chapter 5: Scogin