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Chapter 8: Moore

Moore Mystery

John Walter Moore's history is still very much a mystery to me. The Moore surname is one of the most common. In fact, over 910,000 people share the surname in the United States alone.

What I know:
John Walter Moore
born: September 1, 1893, Winston County, MS (maybe 1893-1895)
married: Alma Della Blaine, before 1922
died: April 21, 1982, Crossett, AR
parents were born in MS

Alma died on October 10, 1970 in Crossett, Ashley County, AR

7 children:
first died in infancy November 21, 1918
James David "J.D." (1922)
Harold (1924)
Raymond (1925)
Basil Kenneth (1926)
Alma Sue (1931)
Billy Blaine (1934)

1920: Walter & Alma are living in Egypt, Ashley County, AR
1930: Walter, Alma, James D., Harold, Basil, living in Winston, MS

There is a John Moore in the Social Security Database with SS#432-24-7488, born 9/1/1893, died April 1982, last address was Crossett, Ashley, Arkanasas.

The story of his family continues in a later chapter. Until we know more about his ancestors, this page is mostly just a place holder.

Chapter 9: Southern Blaine