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Chapter 12: Dykes Family

Dykes Family

Daniel Dykes was born around 1782 in Livingston, Kentucky. Her married Elizabeth Gallagher (or Gallaher). They had four children: Stephen B. (1819, TN), Sampson (1798, GA), Elizabeth (1800, GA), Thomas G. (1813, TN). Thomas married Zipha Delilah Howell.

Stephen B. Dykes was born around 1819 in Tennessee. He married a woman named Cynthia on March 2, 1810 (Cythina was born around 1825 in North Carolina). They gave birth to John D. (1848), Sarah E. (1843), Thomas F. (1845) and Marsell D. (1848), all born in Alabama. Stephen died around 1870. I don't know when Cythia died.

John D. Dykes was born around 1848 in Alabama. He married Nancy Caroline Brock on February 24, 1876.

Caroline Brock's Parents and Siblings

Pinkney L. Brock was born in 1821 or 1822 in South Carolina. On December 21, 1848, in Elyton, Jefferson, Alabama, Pinkney married Parvelle "Paralee" Redding, born in 1834 in Alabama. They had three children Nancy Caroline (1851, AL), James William Brock (1852, AL), Melissa (1855, AL). Paralee died on April 18, 1880, Pinkney died on April 18, 1894. They are both buried at Mars Hill, Haley's Post Office, Marion, Alabama. (Some sources say Pinkney took a second wife, Georgia Ann Hackett, after Paralee died. The same sources report Georgia Ann's age as 40 years younger and the extreme age difference makes me doubt that this is true.)

James William Brock, Pinkney and Paralee's second child, was born on December 25, 1852 in Elyton, Jefferson, Alabama, married Florida Savannah Hyde on February 24, 1876 in Thornhill, Winston, Alabama, had 12 children and died on April 24, 1911 in Brilliant, Marion, Alabama.

Melissa Brock was born in Birmingham in 1855. She married Douglas Howell.

Nancy Caroline Brock was born in October 1850 or 1851 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama and christened in 1851.

John and Caroline Dykes had five children: James W. (1874), Mary (1876), Stephen Franklin (1877), Martha (or Savanah) (1879), Sarah Ann (1882).

The 1880 census for Marion, Alabama (Beat 9, page 62D) shows John (30, born AL, parents TN), Nancy C. (30, wife, born AL, parents SC), James W. (6, AL), Mary (4, AL), Stephen F. (3, AL), and Martha (1).

I don't know much about James W. Dykes. I know that Mary Dykes married a Musgrove and Martha/Savanah Dykes married an Owsley.

Sarah Ann Dykes was born in January of 1882. On April 13, 1905, she married Willian Andrew Threadgill, born September 26, 1882, and had three children: William Dallas (1905), Alice Leana (1907) and Allie Ludelphia (1909). Sarah Ann died (perhaps related to her last pregnancy) in 1909 or 1910 in Marion County, Alabama and is bured at the Center United Methodist Cemetery there.

Caroline died on November 30 (or Nov. 19), 1910 and John died on April 24, 1911. I don't know where they are buried.

Stephen Franklin "Frank" Dykes was born on October 9, 1877. He married Mary Isabelle Lambert on March 12, 1899.