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Chapter 9: Southern Blaine

Passons Family History

As mentioned in the last section, Nancy Jane Passons married James White Blaine. We know quite a bit about her ancestors. We will back up to present this information in chronological order.

Andrew Jackson Passons married Sarah Woodward and had at least one son, George Washington Passons (1843). We don't know much about Andrew or Sarah but we know that George Washington was born in Winston County, Mississippi. His parents may have grown up and married in the same county.

George Washington Passons was born on May 19, 1843 in Winston County, Mississippi. He served in the army of the Confederate States of America. His was the Mississippi 11th Cavalry otherwise known as Perrin's Regiment. He married Gensie Abigail Ray. (Note: The LDS site names her "Gincy Abegill Ray".)

His wife Gensie was born on September 22, 1849 in Attala County, Mississippi. She was the daughter of John Boy Ray and Emily A. Lowery. Her father was born on January 20, 1822 in Greenville, South Carolina and died on December 24, 1903 in Ethel, Mississippi. Her mother was born on September 6, 1823 in Alabama to Christoph Lowery and his wife (maiden name Carroll) and died two weeks after her husband on January 14, 1904 in Attala County, Mississippi. Gensie was the fifth of fourteen children and grew up in Attala County.

George and Gensie had at least one child, Nancy Jane Passons, on January 21, 1865 in Winston County, Mississippi. George died on May 14, 1916 in Winston County, Mississippi. Gensie died on November 19, 1923 in Winston County. I do not know where they are buried.